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Kalecgos Aspect of Magic Redesign by Zephyri
Kalecgos Aspect of Magic Redesign
This took even longer than Alexstrasza but despite my hating it just up to the end I rather like the final result. Sometimes it's worth pushing through those phases when you wanna give up! Kalecgos' outfit was so rediculously bland for a dragon whose aspect is magic, I had to tackle him before Ysera or Nozdormu. Also gave him horns as I find it weird the males don't have horns. (Anyone know if there's a lore reason for that please feel free to tell me).  Hopefully he has more of a battle-mage-warrior feel now! He's also an half elf, so pushed his anatomy a little more toward the elven half, as I've never been fond of the human proportions in WoW. 

See the thumbnails and linework here: 

Kalecgos Linework and thumbs by Zephyri
Alexstrasza LifeBinder Redesign by Zephyri
Alexstrasza LifeBinder Redesign
So I showed off the line work for this lady and here is her final design in all its glory. This took way longer than expected but I've really tried to push the quality of my finish. I've always found Alex's costume a little bland for one of the most powerful beings of Azeroth, so when the opportunity came up to do redesigns of our fav game characters on the Women in Fantasy Art group on FB, I jumped at making her much more fabulous and regal, as befits the queen of dragons. 

Done as part of the amazing character design mentorship with Anthony Jones, whose advice helped me push to that next level. Go to to find out more. 

See the thumbnails and linework here: 

Alexstrazsa Redesign Linework and Thumbs by Zephyri
Kalecgos Linework and thumbs by Zephyri
Kalecgos Linework and thumbs
continuing my redesign of the Dragon Aspects of World of Warcraft. Kalecgos - the Aspect of Magic. Decided to go into more design detail this time round in the linework, as I came a little unstuck with Alex  trying to paint and design all at once. Could have gone with one of the crazier poses, but I felt the more stoic not overly flamboyant pose suited him better. He'll eventually have some funky magic effects in his hands too. 

I do love doing linework like this, even though it eventually all gets painted out. Once the design is done there's something therapeutic about doing the lines. 
Alexstrazsa Redesign Linework and Thumbs by Zephyri
Alexstrazsa Redesign Linework and Thumbs
As part of my Robot Pencil mentorship (find out more here:…) I'm tackling redesigning the dragon aspects of WoW. Starting with the queen of dragons, Alexstrazsa. Her outfit's always struck me as a little lame for someone who essentially commands some of the most powerful beings on Azeroth. So I've given her something more befitting and dragony :D 

All PS thus far, using the awesome Stumpy pencil brush (…) and a couple of brushes I found on the awesome digital brushes tumblr:
Whaler Girl Characters - Cara by Zephyri
Whaler Girl Characters - Cara
I'm still in the middle of Anthony Jones' mentorship for character design, but I had to come share this particular piece as it felt like a bit of a personal breakthrough. For the longest time I've been slightly terrified of using strong lighting in pretty much any of my work, but seeing AJ demo some of the simpler methods of thinking about breaking it down, my brain seems to have relented. :D

This is a character from my personal world building project, The Whaler Girl, one of a number of deadly pirate-affiliated  courtesans. I'm working on putting a website together to help me start putting the project out to the public and will update once I have more, but in the meanwhile, enjoy! 

All done in PS CS6. 


Sam Hogg
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United Kingdom
There's not much to tell about me. I'm a full time concept artist working in Warwick, UK, and I dig old, silver haired, evil men, voluptuous ladies and tentacles. I work mostly in photoshop and in watercolour and pencils.

Contact me at: zephyri art (at) (minus spaces)

Current Residence: UK
Available for commissions? : Not at the moment

Minor New Year old art sale!

Tue Jan 1, 2013, 10:06 AM

EDIT: This past week my other half was muscled out of his job by some really underhanded management tactics, which means that my income is now the only thing keeping us going. I'm cutting the prices of these prints and paintings just to get rid of them at this point and maybe pay for the couple of things left outstanding for us when he lost his job.

Depending on how things go, I may open up the possibility of commissions too later down the line, but I'll update my journal if I decide to do that.

PLEASE NOTE THAT SHIPPING WILL BE EXTRA -  I won't be shipping these myself, so need to confirm shipping costs -  they are being shipped from within the US. Please note me if you are interested in any of these pieces, and I will be able to give you a final cost including shipping!

Framed Paintings by Zephyri   Prints by Zephyri

First up I have two original framed paintings, depicting air and water elementals. I'm looking for $50 each or $80 for the pair. They are watercolour on illustration board, and were custom framed to fit their unusual size. They measure 6.5 x 12.5 inches including the frame. Original painting is appx 3 x  9 inches.

Paintings on da:
Air:          Water:  Water by Zephyri

Next I have 1 11x14 Inch Matted Print each of the following pieces. These were originally up for $45  each at DragonCon, but as it's sale time grab them now for just $20 each! They are numbered prints of a run of 100, Devil Take Her and Church of the Black Rose are both signed by the artist on the print itself.

The Devil Take Her by Zephyri    Church of the Black Rose by Zephyri

And finally 1 8x10 inch matted print each of the following pieces.These were originally up for $20  each at DragonCon, but as it's sale time grab them now for just $9 each! They are numbered prints of a run of 100, as per the rules for DC's art show (run of 50 for Guardian):

Colours of the Wind by Zephyri  The Guardian by Zephyri  Spirit by Zephyri

Please NOTE me if you are interested, it's a first-come, first-served basis.

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GOD bless you now and always.

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