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2006 - 2016 redraw
I didn't have time to jump on this bandwagon when it was hot, so here's my first post for 2017, just a little bit of fun with an old RP character, Lau. Think of him like... if peter pan grew up and became an chain smoking, alcoholic version of Dirk Gently. He was fun!
First Visit
No natural light permeated this far into the temple, everything was lit with sconces and the light they brought with them. The priest at her side seemed unfazed by the oppressive narrowness of the corridors, turning left and then right at various junctions that all looked the same to her, swinging the lamp this way and that so the inky shadows churned over the slick, whitewashed stone and folded in behind them as they moved.

Alyvia tried not to think of what might happen if she lost her guide. At least the temperature this deep into the ancient building was more hospitable, though the lack of the ever whistling wind through the stone made the darkness even more unnerving.

Many minutes must have passed as she scurried alongside the priest, trying to avoid stepping on his robes, staying within the fall of light from the lamp. They passed a small number of posted guards who dutifully unlocked heavy, functional iron doors that sent wailing creaks echoing down the corridors. At last, the priest came to a stop.

"Here he is."

The lamplight swung over the bars of the small window in the stone and sloshed over a figure hunched on a tiny wooden bench. His shadow leapt up the wall behind him before settling in a distorted version of the elven body that cast it. Scornful red eyes glowered from the anaemic face as the chains around his wrist clattered against the wall. Alyvia could only hold his gaze for a second. Far from frightened, chained in a tiny cell in the darkness with no other living interaction, he seemed angry they had disturbed the quiet. She busied herself with the scrolls in her belt and fished around for a nib and ink, hoping that her current company wouldn't notice the delicate tinkle of glass that belied her shaking hands.

"Your priests are that ineffective, Harris, that you had to send a woman?" His voice was commanding, waspishly sarcastic and he used the clank of the chains as very effective punctuation. A low chuckle bounced around the cell. "At least the view will be better."

More Whaler Girl elvish fun. Inspired by the work of Piotr Jablonski a lot lately, trying some new stuff with lighting and composition. 
Tears of Elune
Fanart inspired by the happenings in the Warcraft Legion expansion. Possibly my most and least favourite moment in the game thus far. Fare thee well, Mother of Dreams. 

See a few WIPS and an animated version here:…
Not So Feral
She was not sure what she had expected from the glimpse of the masks she had seen moving at speed through the roots of the mangroves. How they managed to move so silently through the eerily pink waters was a mystery, but one  of the long, lithe bodies swung effortlessly from the hiding place among the humid foliage only a few feet from her. Startled, she involuntarily took a step back.

Ferals. That's what most of her kin had called them. Savage creatures driven mad by the sundering of their land, but the elf that stood before her did not seem feral at all. His height was a little alarming, just shy of about eight feet, perhaps a little more with the knot of mud-caked hair that poked from above the wooden warmask. His body, stacked with the kind of muscles that spoke of endurance and speed rather than strength, was not hunched or animalistic. He did not snarl or fling spittle as she had been led to believe. When he finally lowered the fiercely grimacing, painted face on the wood mask, the living face behind it was unexpectedly noble. Unearthly pink eyes caught the vibrant final rays of the setting sun, lit to a bold magenta. They were not the eyes of a mad creature, more they gazed on her with a measured calm.

His voice when he spoke, was deep and bore an accent that surprisingly reminded her of her own people.

"Speak, human, and state your business. Our time is short."

It was only the yelp of her guide that broke her unblinking stare as she considered the elf. Shaking her thoughts free, she glanced about. Among the knee high waters, another ten elves stood within feet of them. Another twenty or so hung low in the canopy above them. Their time, it seemed, was indeed short.

From my Whaler Girl project :) 
Song of Exile
Birthday gift for the lovely AngelaSasser of her desert prince, Ramah. Not the first time I've drawn him either :) Check out her gallery for more of this character! Song-of-Exile

My other version: 
Desert Prince by Zephyri


Sam Hogg
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United Kingdom
There's not much to tell about me. I'm a full time concept artist working for Atomhawk in Gateshead, UK, and I dig old, silver haired, evil men, voluptuous ladies and tentacles.

Contact me at: zephyri art (at) (minus spaces)

Current Residence: UK
Available for commissions? : No


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glasslinger Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2016  Professional Artisan Crafter
 Hi Sam. Beautiful work in your gallery! Have a great finish to your week..
Eithniel Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I was passing for Facebook's time line when i see this in the official World of Warcraft brazilian group. See how far your amazing design for dragon aspect have come

I just think you should know this ^^
Congrats ^^
Zephyri Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
It's a pretty bad ass tattoo! The guy asked me for permission, too which is always nice!
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good god I remember your art from way back in 05, but due to account moves, distractions, and life circumstances, I lost touch with your art... Was browsing Jess' old art and saw the collab she did with you and went... wait... oh gosh I REMEMBER THEM!  WHat does their art look like now?   Holy CRAP you've come a long way.  Yeah yeah ten years and all that of course you've come a long way but...  I mean, some people improve and some people are transformed.... your art has transformed and blossomed.  Keep up the incredible work!
Zephyri Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Hey Centi! I remember you well, lovely to have you back again and thank you for the kind words, it's a slog but it's great to hear there's a definite improvement!
Reael Featured By Owner May 30, 2016  Student Filmographer
Yout work is simply stunning, here, take my watch! <3
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Hi Sam (Zephyri). I cruised your gallery and am impressed, because they are beautiful examples of fantasy art.

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Happy Birthday!
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